The company's mission is to develop excellent medicines and protect human health

Our Mission is developing better medicines to build a healthier future for people.

The company’s mission is to develop excellent medicines and provide healthier future for people. CHO-A has pursued innovative growth with the management philosophy of caring the dignity of life. Trying to develop better medicines for healthier society, CHO-A has also committed to fundamental values of caring neighbors and enhancing communities.

CHO-A, New Leader for 21st Century
CHOA acquired KGMP approval in 1995. In 1996, CHO-A became first Korean pharmaceutical company having ISO 9001 approval. In 2009, CHO-A acquired GMP approval for Health Functional Food. In 2002, CHO-A became first Korean company which succeeded in cloning transformed pig. With 200 medicines and health food products besides these bio-achievements, CHO-A is highly expected as a leading bio-company for the 21st century.

CHO-A will do its best effort to make society free from diseases while keeping people happy and healthy. CHO-A is preparing new leap with concerted efforts of all CHO-A people with the slogan of "Sweat, Hope and share together!"

Thank you.