To be the Leading Pharmaceutical Company of the 21st Century, CHO-A PHARM

Since established a manufacturing factory in Haman, Kyungnam in 1994 CHO-A PHARM has invested to improve quality and maximize production capacity by obtaining an approval of KGMP certificate in February 1995 as well as ISO 9001 for the first time in the Korean pharmaceutical industry on May 1996. With fast growth over the last 30 years CHO-A became a leader of the pharmaceutical industry of the 21st century.

Development of the market through product differentiation

The only Korea manufacturer of pharmaceutical double-neck ampoules for oral use

Perfect production system

Approved KGMP certificate( Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate

Efficient business management

Efficient business management system using Lotus Notes ERP electronic system

Competitive Distribution

The best domestic pharmacy chain MediPharm, with over 1,200 pharmacies and 16 operating offices