CHO-A focuses on pharmacies as its main distribution channel. It supplies more than 15,000 local pharmacies including 1,200 pharmacies which are members of Medipharm pharmacy chain.

The main generic drugs, such as Galeo, products for the digestive system, Hepos syrup for liver diseases, Fematin for hematopoietic nutrition, anti-inflammatory analgesic and circulation improvement agent

Functional Health Food

The CHO-A Biotone product that helps to improve memory and endurance, and the Jalkton product, which helps children grow and develop, have gained great acceptance and confidence among consumers.

In addition, we are constantly growing by giving an answer to the trends and needs of the moment, with various food products that are functional to health, such as improving blood circulation, eye health and reducing body fat.

Domestic Business

CHO-A's business activities start from the deep respect for mankind and care for those who suffer from illness. One of CHO-A's main goals is to supply the best quality medicine at the right time to those who need help. CHO-A runs 16 sales branches nationwide to closely monitor market with better information and service.

Also, In order to offer to our customers a full-range of services including medicine supply and pharmacy management, MediPharm was established as one of Cho-A's sister companies.

MediPharm chain has over 1,200 franchise members and is the largest pharmacy franchise in Korea.

CHO-A has been trying to ensure the highest satisfaction to customers through fast delivery service, customer-oriented spirit and closely related sales information network by computerization.

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Nationwide Network

  • 16 Branches network & over 1,200 chain pharmacies
  • Dealing with over 10,000 pharmacies
  • Achieved 62% of total sales

Overseas Business

Starting to export our Products from 1995, first among local Pharmaceutical companies. At present, we are one of the few companies in Korea to have exported their pharmaceutical products overseas.

We have exported various medicine:

  • - Drug acting on Digestive system / Drug acting on circulatory system
  • - Drug acting on respiratory system / Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrient
  • - Anti inflammation and Analgesics / Peripheral nervous system
  • - Medicines for gynecologic diseases / Antibiotics, Antigens, Anthelmintic
  • - Antitumor drugs / Other metabolistic medicines

We export to over 20 countries all over the world.