The Haman plant produces excellent products with accurate quality control

CHO-A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. completed the production plant in Haman, Gyeongsangnam-do, in 1994, which produces various pharmaceutical products such as granules, tablets, capsules and liquids forms approved with GMP certification since 1995.

In 1996, it became the first company to obtain ISO 9001 certification, and since then the factory has been completed and designated as an excellent production plant of functional food and medicines. We are continuously putting our efforts to improve and maximize our production capacity by producing around 200 finished pharmaceuticals, supplements and food products, including CHO-A Bitone, Hepos and Jalkton syrup.

Product type

· Tablet, capsule, granule

· Syrup, Solution

· Drinkable ampoule, Sachet

What is GMP and PIC/S?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is a production and quality control standards to be followed throughout the production process, from raw material to the delivery of the product. Its purpose is to produce safe and high-quality products through strict process control.

The Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) is a non-binding, informal co-operative arrangement between Regulatory Authorities in the field of GMP medicinal products for human or veterinary use. It aims at harmonizing inspection procedures worldwide by developing common standards in the field of GMP and by providing training opportunities to inspectors.

In a good working environment, the latest equipment helps to revitalize the local economy. CHO-A Pharm's Haman plant covers 9,762 square meters in gross floor area, 5,216 square meters in practical building area. The annual output is about 50 billion won. Haman factory obtained GMP and PIC / S qualifications, it has a good working environment and high wages, contributing to job creation and regional economic revitalization. In addition, the plant also received self-control activities from the Busan Provincial Food and Drug Administration.