Targeting hypermarkets with new Jalkton Teunteuni Red Ginseng Jelly [02-27-2020]

Reinforcing the Jalkton brand lineup established itself as a steady seller in the children's product market

On the 27th, Cho-A Pharm (CEO Sung-Hwan Cho and Jo-Bae Cho) announced that they additionally launched Jalkton Teunteuni Red Ginseng Jelly, following two types of Jalkton chewable tablets sold in hypermarkets (multi-teunteun, multi-ssukssuk) as part of strengthening the brand lineup of Jalkton (Cho-A Pharm's representative nutritional supplements for children).

Containing various nutrients such as calcium, amino acids, lactobacillus, fructooligosaccharides, and honey as well as red ginseng helping improve immunity, memory and fatigue, zinc required for normal immune function, and vitamin D helping with bone formation and maintenance, Jalkton Teunteuni Red Ginseng Jelly is a health functional food that helps children grow and develop.

Especially containing red ginseng and zinc, which help improve immunity, it can be of great help in enhancing children's immunity in the recent times when immunity is important.

You can find Jalkton Teunteuni Red Ginseng Jelly, released in the form of apple-flavored jelly (individual stick package) so that children can consume it conveniently without reluctance along with the supplement of various nutrients at Homeplus (140 stores) nationwide through the distribution vendor Farmers Factory from this month. 

Cho-A Pharm announced that they will further strengthen the Jalkton brand lineup by steadily releasing various additional products along with three types of Jalkton brand products (multi-teunteun, multi-ssukssuk, and red ginseng jelly), and expand distribution outlets so that consumers can easily purchase them.