Started advertisement for ‘Cho-A Diosmin Capsule’, Agent for Treatment of Hemorrhoids [04-20-2020]

Promoting products through public advertisements in the growing market for “Eatable medicine for treatment of hemorrhoids”

On the 20th, Cho-A Pharm (CEO Sung-Hwan Cho and Jo-Bae Cho ) announced that they had launched a public advertisement for “Cho-A Diosmin Capsule (generic drug, hereinafter Cho-A Diosmin), an oral treatment for hemorrhoids directly manufactured and sold by them.

Cho-A Diosmin is a product that is administered orally twice a day, 300mg once, and continues to grow in the growing market for edible medicine for hemorrhoids every year. Diosmin, the active pharmaceutical ingredient, has an indication to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms by improving the condition of the anal vessels.  

In addition, this product improves symptoms such as pressure in the lower extremities, pain, and swelling caused by diseases such as varicose veins, venous insufficiency, and phlebitis syndrome. Cho-A Pharm plans to carry out various marketing activities such as TV, outdoor advertisements, as well as radio as the growth of the Diosmin formulation market is steep.