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  • Jalkton Step 1 

    Health drink containing plenty of amino acids and vitamins which stimulate appetite and promote children’s growth and development. * Sugar free product

  • Newhem Syr. 

    1. For Iron deficiency anemia resulting from: pregnancy, postpartum and lactation period;and parasitic infestation.Also helps in cases of weak stamina. 2. For Iron & Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia .

  • Red Ginseng 

    1. Improves mental and physical performance 2. Boosts immune system and increase oxygenation of cells and tissues 3. Promote detoxification and lower blood cholesterol

  • Silyhepatis 

    1. Maintenance treatment of hyperammonemia in patients with carbamylphosphate synthetase deficiency, ornithine carbamyl transferase deficiency. 2. Supportive treatment of dyspepsia disorders. 3. Supportive treatment to improve exercise capacity in patients with stable cardiovascular disease.

  • Thioserin Sol. 

    1. Adjuvant treatment of bacterial and viral infectious diseases such as hepatitis and respiratory diseases. 2. Adjuvant treatment of immunodeficiency.

  • Artichoke juice 

    1. Anti-hangover drink based on clinical test 2. Healthy drink for men to enhance body immunity

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