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  • Antilan-F 

    1. Normalize intestinal flora 2. Promotes bowel function 3. Antiinflammatory and antibacterial activities

  • Chi Kung Huo Shiueh Kao 

    Analgesia and Anti-inflammation of the following diseases and symptoms: bruise, shoulder discomfort, rheumatalgia

  • Cho-A Acne Gel 

    Apply in case of : Acne vulgaris.

  • Cho-A Acyclovir Cream 

    Treatment of Herpes simplex virus infection(including early and recurrent genital herpes and blisters).

  • Cho-A Care Lotion 1% 

    Apply in case of : Eczema, dermatitis, itchy skin, insect bites.

  • Cho-A Derm 

    Protect and absorb secretions from affected area such as wounds

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