Cho-A Pharm recruited Joo-Sang Lee, Director of Natural Product Research Institute [10-26-2020]

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On the 26th, Cho A-Pharm (CEO Sung-Hwan Cho and Jo-Bae Cho ) announced that they recently completed the establishment of the Natural Product Research Center and hired Director Joo-Sang Lee who would serve as director.

After a master's course in the Department of Pharmacy at Yeungnam University, director Joo-Sang Lee received a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Pharmacy at Toyama University, Japan. Since then, he has served as a postdoctoral researcher at Texas Tech University School of Medicine and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, and a research professor at the Oriental Medicines Business Group of Korea Oriental Medicine Industry Promotion Agency (now Korea Oriental Medicine Promotion Agency), Daegu Catholic University College of Pharmacy, and a senior researcher at the Jeju Oriental Medicine Research Institute.

Director Lee will lead the role of converting the present Cho-A Pharm’s Biotechnology Research Center into a natural product research center, and will devote himself to the research and development of new natural drugs based on his outstanding capabilities in the research and development of herbal medicines and health functional foods.