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Q What is CHO-A's vision and mission?
A Vision :
At CHO-A, we envision a world where all people get the best quality of medical treatments regardless status and location.
Mission :
CHO-A delivers excellent quality of drugs at a fair price. Our strategic focus is to support patients' health not only in South Korea but worldwide. We do this by collaborating with the most reliable pharmaceutical companies, distributors and wholesalers, to improve life and health of patients and their families. This enables us to better serve national and international community. Thus our motto is: Keep people happy and healthy, far away from diseases.

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Q What makes CHO-A different from other companies?
A CHO-A marketing model is very different from other player in the industry, especially the Over-The-Counter one. Our indirect marketing strategy, focused on the instruction and formation of pharmacists and doctors, against a well-known and used advertising campaign, enable the patients to get more knowledge about the features of our products through our experts' explanation. CHO-A strategy is not designed to maximize profits and reach a bigger range of clients but aims to improve availability of medications to as many patients as possible, at a reasonable price.

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Q Where are CHO-A's corporate office, production plant and research center located?
A All CHOA's facilities are located in South Korea. The head quarter is located in Seoul. The R&D center is located an hour away from Seoul, in the close Gyeongy province. While the factory is located in Haman, Gyeongsangnam-do province.

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Q What is the geographical spread of CHO-A's business?
A The company works in both Domestic and International markets. The international market is characterized by both regulated and emerging markets. CHO-A is present at the moment in 21 countries worldwide.

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Q Why you should outsource to choose CHO-A as your supplier?
A CHO-A expertise and pharmaceutical industry knowledge acquired in the past thirty years, extend across a wide range of services, from early stage formulation development to GMP manufacture scale up and distribution. CHO-A develops continuing relationships that often go beyond the scope of a single agreement. Our will is characterized by a strong commitment to meeting our partner's objectives with the best quality.

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Q What is CHO-A area of expertise?
A CHO-A specializes in the production of Over-The-Counter and supplements in solid-liquid-granule oral and cream-ointment forms, provided in compliance with GMP standards.
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